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Today My Name Is
By Cathy, J. Serra Elemenatry

Today my name is Math
I feel Numbers in me
I pretend to write

Yesterday my name was fluency
I heard nothing but whispering
I found words

Tomorrow my name will be language arts
I will forget numbers
I will remember letters.

Poetry is the Key
By Pedro Palacios, Cleveland Elementary

Poetry is the key to life,
It’s what gets you pumped up,
Poems could be thoughts,
Poems could be feelings,
It doesn’t have to rhyme,
It doesn’t have to shine,
No matter where you’re at or
Where you’re going
Poetry will always cheer you up.
Poetry is beautiful,
No matter if you’re 7 or an ancient fossil.
Poems could be fun,
Poems could be funny,
Poems could be anything,
Poems encourage you to get back up,
To not give up,
It doesn’t have to be big or small
I just has to come from the heart.

My Reflection
By Priscilla Osuna, J. Serra Elementary

Love the words coming out of my mouth.
I look at the river and I see my reflection.
I splashed the river and my reflection was flowing away.
I look at the mirror- it follow my every move, like a shadow on a sunny day.
I look at a window and I see my reflection, and I like what I see because of course- it’s me!

What Do You Know?
By Kimberly Menjivar, Cleveland Elementary

If you really knew me,
You would know that
I love swimming
Because it’s scary.
It’s scary, smooth, sunny, shiny and skinny.
But I am as brave as a dolphin,
And so it isn’t really that scary.

If you really knew me,
You would know that
I love my clothes.
But I like all my shoes better.
Boots, Jordans, Nikes, and cleats.
A different pair for everyday.

If you really knew me,
You would know that
I love my pet guinea pig
His face is so cute when he sniffs his food.

If you really knew me,
You would know that
I love my brown hair
But my eyes are browner
They shine brightly
And so will I one day.

If you really knew me
You would know all of this already.

Be Careful
By Jose Camera, Marshall Elementary

What if we could turn into
Werewolves on a full moon
And then change back very soon?
It would be a disaster,
But I would still be their master.
I would give the day off to all
And they would go racing to the mall.
They would run into the boundary
And they would have to do the laundry.
In the night we would all eat hen
And everybody would be happy- especially the men.
Everybody would drift off to sleep,
And no one would make a peep.

By Nisrine Rahmaoui, Redding Elementary

Life is filled with chances.
Life is like ice cream melting until you disappear.
Life is seasons coming and going before you can say hi.
Life is meeting friends and saying good-bye.
Life is animals, humans looking for food.
Life is like soccer, making goals yet losing your team in anger.
Life is school teaching us what is wrong and right.
Life is making mistakes and fixing them.
There are a lot of things in life that happen, but it all ends when you disappear in dirt.

I am Soccer
By Alejandro Flores, Cleveland Elemenatry

I am not an animal
Hiding from humans,
Climbing trees, like a panda with claws
I am soccer,
With shadows,
Hard feet,
Strong body,
Fast feet,
I am soccer.

When I Grow Younger
By Stacey Perez, J. Serra Elementary

When I grow younger I will play with my teddy bear
Instead of combing my messy hair.
When I grow younger I will play with sand
Instead of learning about old people and their land.
When I grow younger I will cry when I get hurt
Instead of cleaning my dirty shirt.
When I grow younger I will annoy people and not stop talking
Instead of carrying my dogs when I’m walking.
When I grow younger I will eat a lot and sleep
Instead of going to school and hearing my teacher say, “Think deep.”
When I grow younger I will watch a cartoon
Instead of studying the moon.
When I grow younger I will sleep late
Instead of remembering the date.
When I grow younger I will throw my clothes anywhere
Instead of eating vegetables and a pear.

By Titikor Paisansin, Redding Elementary

All these years I have tried and tried to make a poem.
My program leader told me just to write and write.
I found a way to make a poem through soccer.
I can see, hear, and feel and still didn’t want to write about it.
But every time I sleep, I feel the ideas inside.
But still don’t know what to write.
I woke up and reminded myself and said “I love comics and soccer.” I did not deny that, so why did I give up on myself?
I shouldn’t deny my poem and started to try.
Then the next day I told myself to write with all my might.
Soccer is tight and writing poems is alright.
I thank SCORES for helping me.

 I Am
By Julia Thompson, Redding Elementary

People say I am a good friend, great soccer player, and an excellent chef.
I am a strong, huge, yet pretty lion.
I am the wonderful, cool, and dependable Jordan’s shoes. I don’t break easily.
I am the bright and wonderful sun. I’m hot like a stove. Ssss.
I am “Dang!” When people see me play soccer they can’t help but say “Dang!”
I am a drum: loud, awesome, and wonderful.
I wish to be a pro soccer player when I grow up. My future job is to teach kids how to play soccer.
I am the awesome, amazing, artistic, and astronomically athletic me.

 I Hear
By Elijah Anthony Serafino, Redding Elementary

It is a sunny, bright day
I hear people walk by with sadness from those who have lost.
I hear people screaming, “I won!”
I hear the ball being kicked, “boom, boom.”
I hear the goal, “swush, swush.”
When I’m about to make my goal, the sounds seem like a stampede of horses going through my mind.
I stop.
I think.
And I feel confident about making my goal, because I won’t be distracted anymore.

By Manuel Lomeli, Cleveland Elementary

People continue,
People have to fire up some houses,
Feeling heat of flames,
People see the flames,
For some one to blame.
People – mad
People – sad
People – scared
For having to take the blame.

By Herman Castellanos, John Muir Elementary

I hate big walls, low walls, normal scary ugly walls.
Because when it hits the ball it bounces back.
I don’t want walls because when you kick the ball it goes aagain.
Walls at home
Walls at school
Walls outside

Now I’m Steel
By Calvin Anambulo, John Muir Elementary

I used to be a pumpkin now I’m a carved one.
I used to be a cut but now I’m healed
I used to be mad now I’m sad
I used to be a cookie now I’m crumbs
I used to be sand now I’m the sea,
I used to be real now I’m steel.

Today My Name Is
by Ricky Rodriguez, 5th grade, Marshall Elementary

Today my name is dragon
I feel that I am eating pizza
I pretend I am relaxing

Yesterday my name was Ricardito
I heard I was huggable
I found I was adopted

Tomorrow my name will be Ricardo
I will forget that my mom threw my soccer balls away
I will remember when I was a dragon

Love  Me
by Luisa Meafua, 4th grade, Bret Harte Elementary

October, 2011

Love me
Teach me
And hold me
Do whatever you want with me
But don’t hurt me
Words hurt me
But actions could hurt me even more

It’s a Wonderful World, But They Made a Few Mistakes
By Mahina Novoa, 3rd grade, J. Serra Elementary

It’s a wonderful world, but they made a few mistakes.
Like leaving out the milk, and putting in elk.
Like no snow days, no wind days.
It’s a wonderful world, but they made a few mistakes.
Like BBQ on hot days, especially ice cream on cold days.
Like making your heart stop every second and making it start again.
Like everyone caring about someone lying.
It’s a wonderful world, but they made a few mistakes.

ABC poem
By Makayla Carrico, 3rd grade, J. Serra Elementary
Papa making pie in the kitchen
Quietly walking down the stairs
Rufus going woof woof!
Sliced a piece of pie onto my plate
Too tired to care about the bus
U missed your math test
Volcanoes exploding in your class
Waiting in line for lunch an hour
Expelled from school
Finally back to bed, a new day begins

ABC Poem
by Dara Montejo Chel, Marshall Elementary

Abby is my coach of soccer
Brigitte is my cousin.
Carla – she is aunty.
Dara – that’s my name.
Eugeño trabaja en un restaurante.
Francisco es un buen portero.
Gadiel patea la pelota muy duro.
Hormigas son rojas y trabajan fueremente.
Este is mi poem.

ABC Poem

by Rubén Mejia, Marshall Elementary
September, 2011

“Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!” says my mean clock
Cooking in the kitchen all I hear is, “Zzzzz”
Dumb clock won’t be quiet
Escaping the room was like a maze
Finally, I actually woke up. “Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,” says my mean clock,
but at least it stops.