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Two Weeks To Go… Time to Spread the Word!

The Inspired Art Poetry Party is right around the corner! Feel free to print out our flyer and spread the word!


Inspired Art Exhibit in the Castro Starbucks

We recently confirmed that Castro Starbucks has granted us their entire store for the full month of January to host an Inspired Art exhibit! What a great opportunity for more exposure for our poets and artists!

Inspired Art- Sneak Preview

A big thanks to the artists who have already signed up to contribute to our December 2nd Inspired Art Poetry Party, including Sheila Finch and Jon Fischer, whose awesome pieces are displayed below. For those artists who haven’t signed up yet, the time is now!

Student Poems Are Rolling In!

Although we are just a little more than two weeks into the official America SCORES fall season, we are already getting tons of amazing student poetry. The poems begin in hand-decorated student journals in the classroom, travel to America SCORES websites,  canvases, potter’s wheels, outdoor murals, public readings…. The sky’s the limit, so stay tuned!

Here’s just one  of the many great new poems coming out of our athlete-poet’s pens:

I Seem to Be, But Really

by Arturo Lara, J. Serra Elementary

I seem to be a cheetah, running in a jungle
But really I’m a dog
I seem to be a robot destroying the world
But really I’m a ninja practicing in a dojo
I seem to be a shark swimming
But really I’m a catfish
I seem to be a gorilla walking
But really I’m a bunny in a cage
I seem to be a clock tick-tocking
But really I’m a soccer ball, waiting to be kicked
I seem to be a book to be read
But really I’m a T-Rex, chasing a bird

Want more? Check out our “Poetry” section- updated regularly!


Psalm One and Cleveland Girls Make Beautiful Music Together!

This past week, Chicago hip-hop artist (and former America SCORES coach) Psalm One collaborated with the Cleveland girls team to write and record an original song.

The workshop began with a performance from Psalm. Then, the class chose their beat and began to free-write to the music. After a dance break, the girls started to come up with their verses. The final step was a trip to Different Fur Studios, where our young artists laid down their track!

Poetry Party… It’s Coming!

The Inspired Art Poetry Party is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd. It promises to be amazing, but we need your help to make it happen!

Coaches, send your students’ poems to

Artists, go to our “For Artists” tab to find out about how to submit a piece.

Everyone else- Spread the Word!