For Artists

You are invited to submit an original piece inspired by a SCORES poet-athlete’s poetry. This piece may appear in the silent auction at our Poetry Party and at other Inspired Art events throughout the 2011-2012 America SCORES season. This platform offers an exciting and timely way to connect the facets of America SCORES Bay Area’s unique after-school programming while celebrating future possibilities for our children – inspired by their words.

How it works

1. Choose a poem. Browse through our library of student poetry and find one that speaks to you.

2. Sign up. Just fill out this short and simple form.

3. Create.

4. Submit. Bring or mail your art to the America SCORES office (400 Alabama, SF, CA, 94110) by Monday, November 28th.

5. Celebrate. Join us for the Poetry Party on the evening of December 2nd. There you can meet poet-athletes, families and staff, mingle with other artists and have a wonderful time, all while knowing that you have made a big difference for America SCORES.


All artists will receive a 30% commission based on the final auction price. While this commission can be donated back to the organization, that is in no way expected.

Artists information will be featured online through The Inspired Art Project Blog, community email, and event publicity.

Sign up now!

Have any questions or comments? Need more information? Have an idea? Ready to work with us?

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Abby Loomis. 512.905.1115. . Inspired Art Coordinator

Colin Schmidt . 415 486 1313. . Executive Director


One response to “For Artists

  1. It was an amazing event…I was inspired! Good job done by all.

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