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Inspired Art at the Legacy Awards

On Thursday, May 3rd, three Inspired Artists joined the likes of Diego Rivera on the list of luminaries displayed at downtown San Francisco’s gorgeous City Club.   Four floors of this elegant venue, former home of the San Francisco Stock Exchange, hosted the 2nd Annual  Legacy Awards, where America SCORES Bay Area honored amazing volunteers who have made game-changing contributions to the the lives of Bay Area youth.

The staircase at the City Club, featuring a mural by Diego Rivera.

The event featured a silent auction in which pieces by Jon Fischer, Janet Seifert and Lee MacLeod were auctioned off with all proceeds going right back to America SCORES programming.

Lee MacLeod is a fine artist and illustrator based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His piece was created specifically for the Legacy Awards, and was inspired by Marshall 5th grader (and National Poetry SLAM performer) José C. and his spooky poem, “Be Careful.”

José reads his poem for the guests at the Legacy Awards.

Be Careful
By José C., 5th grade, Marshall Elementary 

What if we could turn into
Werewolves on a full moon
And then change back very soon?
It would be a disaster,
But I would still be their master.
I would give the day off to all
And they would go racing to the mall.
They would run into the boundary
And they would have to do the laundry.
In the night we would all eat hen
And everybody would be happy- especially the men.
Everybody would drift off to sleep,
And no one would make a peep.

To learn more about Lee MacLeod and his artwork, visit his website at

Event chair Lally Weyhrauch and SCORES Associate Director Emily Queliza display the piece for Legacy guests.

The painting by Lee MacLeod

Athlete-Poets read to a packed house in the Castro Starbucks!

Nisrine R. reads her poem "Life."

On Monday, January 23rd, six talented SCORES athlete-poets read their poetry to a rapt audience at the Castro Starbucks, home to the most recent Inspired Art Exhibit. Nisrine R. and Erin G. from Redding, José C. from Marshall, Sergio L. from Bret Harte, Arturo L. from J. Serra and Manuel L. from Cleveland all bravely stepped up to the mic and presented their poems to friends, family, coaches, SCORES staff and Castro regulars.

Starbucks customers and staff were unanimously impressed with this unexpected entertainment. “It’s like a 60’s North Beach coffee shop poetry reading,” said one customer. “Bring the kids back!” added barista George. “Who doesn’t love kids reading poetry?”

Here at SCORES, we couldn’t agree more! A big thank you goes out to Starbucks,  and all the  families, coaches  and students who came out for the event!

Poets Manuel, Arturo, Sergio, Erin, Nisrine and José pose with SCORES Education Director Marty Mannion and artists Ray Sumser and Janet Seifert

Support America SCORES and Local Artists- Take an Inspired Art Original Home!

Did you see a piece at our Starbucks exhibit that you just have to have? Email Abby Loomis at  and find out how buying art can support America SCORES and local talent!

These masterpieces could be yours!

The Castro Starbucks Welcomes Inspired Art!

This morning, the latte lovers at 18th and Castro graciously scooted over as we hung the pieces for Inspired Art: Starbucks Edition! Pieces from Amy Woloszyn, Molly Aigner, Janet Seifert, Danielle Satinover, Maureen Halligan, Ray Sumser, Colleen Gildea and Marc Ellen Hamel will be on display for the entire month of January. So stop on by,  and add a side of inspiration to your morning coffee!

Shannon hangs a piece by Amy W, inspired by Mission Ed poet Laura F.

Making sure Marc Ellen's piece, "The Days After Tomorrow: Hope" is aligned just right!

Janet Seifert's beautiful piece, inspired by Gissela G's poem "LOVE."

Ray Sumser got his inspiration from Arturo L's "I Seem To Be But Really."

Danielle Satinover depicted a galaxy being born in her sculpture inspired by Helen C's poem, "The Table."

New Poems Have Arrived!

Hey there artists!
Check out all the new poems that were just posted on the “Poetry” page of   our website. These works of art are hot off the presses and sure to get those creative juices flowing. Don’t believe me? Check out this gem by Nisrine R. from Redding Elementary:

By Nisrine Rahmaoui, Redding Elementary

Life is filled with chances.
Life is like ice cream melting until you disappear.
Life is seasons coming and going before you can say hi.
Life is meeting friends and saying good-bye.
Life is animals, humans looking for food.
Life is like soccer, making goals yet losing your team in anger.
Life is school teaching us what is wrong and right.
Life is making mistakes and fixing them.
There are a lot of things in life that happen, but it all ends when you disappear in dirt.

A rainbow of talent! Our poet Nisrine is in the bottom row, second from the left in a red jersey.

Once you’ve chosen a poem, just email Abby at with the name of the poem. And remember, pieces for the Starbucks exhibit are due to the America SCORES office by January 2nd!


One Inspiring Evening!

A big thank-you goes out to all the people who came together to make our Inspired Art Poetry Party and Art Auction such a success!

The America SCORES team got  there early,  hanging lights, heating up cider, arranging art pieces and transforming the Grotto Gallery into a winter wonderland:

The event couldn’t have existed without our amazing artists: Danielle Satinover, Peter Bogdis, Ana Bedolla, Marc Ellen Hamel, Jon Fischer, Alex Akamine, Nell Herbert, Joan Yokom, Devon Bailey, Amy Woloszyn, Rebecca Richards, Molly Aigner, Hunter Oatman-Stanford, Dan Schwer, Emily Queliza and Maralyn Tabatsky. Each  contributed one or more fabulous pieces for guests to ooh and aah over. Thank you!

What's hiding in Molly Aigner's painting? The entire poem by Monday R., "I Seem to Be But Really"

Maralyn Tabatsky made a gorgeous cake inspired by the Cleveland girls! Later on, it became Cleveland Coach Erin’s birthday cake, too! 

Inspired Artist Alex Akamine poses with poet/subject Stacey P!

Sculptor Danielle Satinover poses with poet Faith Daniels and her sculpture, "Nature's Fury Doesn't Frighten Faith"

Inspired artist Amy Woloszyn poses with her piece and Inspiring poet Laura F!

Keeping us entertained throughout the evening were our wonderful student poets, who shared their beautiful words and practiced for their upcoming Slam! auditions at the same time!

Riley D from Sunnyside read a beautiful poem about the origin of her name.

Arturo L from J Serra dazzled the crowd with "I Seem to Be, But Really"

After their performances, poets Michael, Selascie and Arturo cracked up on the couch.

Other big thanks go to all the families, coaches and other friends of America SCORES who took time out on a Friday evening to celebrate with us, and maybe even take home a piece of art!

Finally, thank you so much to the amazing folks at


for their generosity!

Stay tuned to our website… more Inspired Art Events are coming soon!!

More Art is Rolling In….

As the Friday Poetry Party and Art Auction approaches, more art is arriving to the America SCORES offices! Here is a sneak peek of artist Janet Seifert’s piece inspired by Michael Matsen’s poem, “Peace.” All artists are invited to a reception Tuesday, November 29th from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. in the America SCORES office.