America SCORES


America SCORES Bay Area is a unique after-school program serving San Francisco, Oakland, and West Contra Costa County. It is our mission for youth to be inspired to be engaged students, to live healthy lifestyles, and to develop the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. For the past ten years, we have  pursued this goal by offering programming which weaves together soccer, poetry and service learning.

Now, at first, you might be saying, soccer and poetry? And service learning? How does that work? How did that happen? A part of a national program, America SCORES was started in Washington, DC in 1994 by a local school teacher. She brought her own love of soccer and poetry together, and it proved to be an incredible combination for her first team of girls. Rooted in team-based youth development, America SCORES provides youth with a foundation of physical and emotional safety. Our programming gives structure to the most vulnerable hours of the days youth face- after-school. During writing workshops and soccer practices, youth and coaches develop trusting relationships, weaving the web of mentorship and teamwork that creates emotionally safe spaces.

Currently, America SCORES Bay Area operates in 20 elementary schools in San Francisco, five in West Contra Costa County, and at Westlake Middle School in Oakland.  At each of these schools, students participate in the four key components of the America SCORES Program:

SOCCER. Through physical activity and healthy competition, students learn to work together as members of a team.  Students engage in fun, structured practices and games throughout the program session, culminating in Community Saturdays and special events. These events serve as a weekly celebration of their achievements and a vital component of building a SCORES community of support.

LITERARY ARTS. SCORES’ comprehensive literary arts and service-learning program inspires youth to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills while learning how to express their unique voice. During the fall, students focus on gaining literacy skills through the writing and performance of many forms of poetry.

SERVICE-LEARNING. In the spring, America SCORES poet-athletes design and carry out an original service-learning project that addresses a need in their communities.  Some past projects include: violence awareness campaigns, mural and school beautification efforts, homeless food and clothing drives, and healthy habits information distribution.

COMMUNITY EVENTS. Both the Spring and Fall seasons are chock-full of opportunities for family, friends and neighbors to come together to support the creative achievements of our students. Whether it’s the Fall Frenzy, Spring Jamboree, fall Poetry Slam, year-end service-learning Shout! event, or any of our weekly “Community Saturday” game days, there’s nothing quite like an America SCORES gathering.

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Board of Directors

Mark Talucci, Chair
Jonathan Denholtz,Vice Chair
Christina Spence, Treasurer
Muhammad A. Nadhiri
Sam Fort
Andrew Hartman
Ibi Krukrubo
Richard Loggins
Shep Maher
Lally Weyhrauch
Colin Schmidt, Executive Director
Emily Queliza, Associate Director
Eva Gabel Sippola, Director of Development and Health Initiatives
Marty Mannion, Education Director
Roberto Gil, West Contra Costa Program Director
Yuri Morales, San Francisco Program Director
Dan Schwer, Communications Director
Angela Bailey, Legacy Awards Director
Shannon Burns, Volunteer Coordinator
Genaro Arana, San Francisco Program Manager
Kee Hughes, San Francisco Program Manager
Abby Loomis, Inspired Art Coordinator and Education Program Manager