Inspired Art at the Legacy Awards

On Thursday, May 3rd, three Inspired Artists joined the likes of Diego Rivera on the list of luminaries displayed at downtown San Francisco’s gorgeous City Club.   Four floors of this elegant venue, former home of the San Francisco Stock Exchange, hosted the 2nd Annual  Legacy Awards, where America SCORES Bay Area honored amazing volunteers who have made game-changing contributions to the the lives of Bay Area youth.

The staircase at the City Club, featuring a mural by Diego Rivera.

The event featured a silent auction in which pieces by Jon Fischer, Janet Seifert and Lee MacLeod were auctioned off with all proceeds going right back to America SCORES programming.

Lee MacLeod is a fine artist and illustrator based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His piece was created specifically for the Legacy Awards, and was inspired by Marshall 5th grader (and National Poetry SLAM performer) José C. and his spooky poem, “Be Careful.”

José reads his poem for the guests at the Legacy Awards.

Be Careful
By José C., 5th grade, Marshall Elementary 

What if we could turn into
Werewolves on a full moon
And then change back very soon?
It would be a disaster,
But I would still be their master.
I would give the day off to all
And they would go racing to the mall.
They would run into the boundary
And they would have to do the laundry.
In the night we would all eat hen
And everybody would be happy- especially the men.
Everybody would drift off to sleep,
And no one would make a peep.

To learn more about Lee MacLeod and his artwork, visit his website at

Event chair Lally Weyhrauch and SCORES Associate Director Emily Queliza display the piece for Legacy guests.

The painting by Lee MacLeod

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