Athlete-Poets read to a packed house in the Castro Starbucks!

Nisrine R. reads her poem "Life."

On Monday, January 23rd, six talented SCORES athlete-poets read their poetry to a rapt audience at the Castro Starbucks, home to the most recent Inspired Art Exhibit. Nisrine R. and Erin G. from Redding, José C. from Marshall, Sergio L. from Bret Harte, Arturo L. from J. Serra and Manuel L. from Cleveland all bravely stepped up to the mic and presented their poems to friends, family, coaches, SCORES staff and Castro regulars.

Starbucks customers and staff were unanimously impressed with this unexpected entertainment. “It’s like a 60’s North Beach coffee shop poetry reading,” said one customer. “Bring the kids back!” added barista George. “Who doesn’t love kids reading poetry?”

Here at SCORES, we couldn’t agree more! A big thank you goes out to Starbucks,  and all the  families, coaches  and students who came out for the event!

Poets Manuel, Arturo, Sergio, Erin, Nisrine and José pose with SCORES Education Director Marty Mannion and artists Ray Sumser and Janet Seifert


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