The Castro Starbucks Welcomes Inspired Art!

This morning, the latte lovers at 18th and Castro graciously scooted over as we hung the pieces for Inspired Art: Starbucks Edition! Pieces from Amy Woloszyn, Molly Aigner, Janet Seifert, Danielle Satinover, Maureen Halligan, Ray Sumser, Colleen Gildea and Marc Ellen Hamel will be on display for the entire month of January. So stop on by,  and add a side of inspiration to your morning coffee!

Shannon hangs a piece by Amy W, inspired by Mission Ed poet Laura F.

Making sure Marc Ellen's piece, "The Days After Tomorrow: Hope" is aligned just right!

Janet Seifert's beautiful piece, inspired by Gissela G's poem "LOVE."

Ray Sumser got his inspiration from Arturo L's "I Seem To Be But Really."

Danielle Satinover depicted a galaxy being born in her sculpture inspired by Helen C's poem, "The Table."


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