One Inspiring Evening!

A big thank-you goes out to all the people who came together to make our Inspired Art Poetry Party and Art Auction such a success!

The America SCORES team got  there early,  hanging lights, heating up cider, arranging art pieces and transforming the Grotto Gallery into a winter wonderland:

The event couldn’t have existed without our amazing artists: Danielle Satinover, Peter Bogdis, Ana Bedolla, Marc Ellen Hamel, Jon Fischer, Alex Akamine, Nell Herbert, Joan Yokom, Devon Bailey, Amy Woloszyn, Rebecca Richards, Molly Aigner, Hunter Oatman-Stanford, Dan Schwer, Emily Queliza and Maralyn Tabatsky. Each  contributed one or more fabulous pieces for guests to ooh and aah over. Thank you!

What's hiding in Molly Aigner's painting? The entire poem by Monday R., "I Seem to Be But Really"

Maralyn Tabatsky made a gorgeous cake inspired by the Cleveland girls! Later on, it became Cleveland Coach Erin’s birthday cake, too! 

Inspired Artist Alex Akamine poses with poet/subject Stacey P!

Sculptor Danielle Satinover poses with poet Faith Daniels and her sculpture, "Nature's Fury Doesn't Frighten Faith"

Inspired artist Amy Woloszyn poses with her piece and Inspiring poet Laura F!

Keeping us entertained throughout the evening were our wonderful student poets, who shared their beautiful words and practiced for their upcoming Slam! auditions at the same time!

Riley D from Sunnyside read a beautiful poem about the origin of her name.

Arturo L from J Serra dazzled the crowd with "I Seem to Be, But Really"

After their performances, poets Michael, Selascie and Arturo cracked up on the couch.

Other big thanks go to all the families, coaches and other friends of America SCORES who took time out on a Friday evening to celebrate with us, and maybe even take home a piece of art!

Finally, thank you so much to the amazing folks at


for their generosity!

Stay tuned to our website… more Inspired Art Events are coming soon!!


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