Student Poems Are Rolling In!

Although we are just a little more than two weeks into the official America SCORES fall season, we are already getting tons of amazing student poetry. The poems begin in hand-decorated student journals in the classroom, travel to America SCORES websites,  canvases, potter’s wheels, outdoor murals, public readings…. The sky’s the limit, so stay tuned!

Here’s just one  of the many great new poems coming out of our athlete-poet’s pens:

I Seem to Be, But Really

by Arturo Lara, J. Serra Elementary

I seem to be a cheetah, running in a jungle
But really I’m a dog
I seem to be a robot destroying the world
But really I’m a ninja practicing in a dojo
I seem to be a shark swimming
But really I’m a catfish
I seem to be a gorilla walking
But really I’m a bunny in a cage
I seem to be a clock tick-tocking
But really I’m a soccer ball, waiting to be kicked
I seem to be a book to be read
But really I’m a T-Rex, chasing a bird

Want more? Check out our “Poetry” section- updated regularly!



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