what a success!

There is so much to say and recap from tonight. Soon to follow will be pictures from the night, shots of all the art, and a massive list of thank you’s. For now… let’s highlight the success through this little story.

When we first thought of Inspired Art, we wanted to see all the groups of people that make SCORES a reality in the same room having a conversation together. And, not just any conversation, but a talk around and about the things that make life beautiful. We imagined connections and dialogue across social boundaries and hoped to see people talk to one another who might not ever get the chance to meet otherwise.

This happened tonight! It was so wonderful.

Small (but huge) example. Akeyra B. is an Oakland poet. A talented, recent 5th grade graduate, who had been with the program for two years. She came to the opening with her grandma and aunt – all three proud to see her poetry turned into art work. Ray Sumser, a returning artist and ever lasting Inspired Art enthusiast, painted a bright and vibrant interpretation of her poem “When I hear the music inside me.”

Upper left piece!

While Ray was unable to be at the opening, his entire family was there: mom, dad, sister number 1 (older, me!) and sister number 2.

The families gathered to celebrate the meetings of these two artists- one of words the other of paint. And this is what we came up with:

Some good ole family love (dad is taking picture and Mo, one of Ray’s oldest and dearest friends – and our co-curator- jumped in).

This was magic.

And, then the gift. Ray’s dad (yes, my dad, too) gifted Ray’s art to Akeyra’s family. We shared names and numbers and sent friend requests on facebook. We made friends we might not have made had this night not happened.

Really, this all happened because of poem’s like this. From a 5th grader.

When I Hear The Music In Me

-Akeyra B, 5th grade; age 11

When I hear the music in me

I feel like a star that people love

When I hear the music in me

I feel tall, proud and free

When I hear the music in me

I feel like an angel coming down from heaven


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