Hanging the show today!

Good Morning All!

It’s an exciting day around here. We are hanging the show this evening from 8-9 pm at Remedy Coffee in Oakland. We are so lucky to hang the show in this space. Todd, Taylor and the gang at Remedy have been making a community space since before the doors were even open – serving coffee to the committed masses on the sidewalk. The new kid on the Temescal block, Remedy is thriving, bringing together everything local and all we have to celebrate here in Oakland.

Inspired Art is the first official show of the gallery space. Taylor King is in charge of making the art happen and she is a dear to work with! Todd, Remedy’s main man, is one dreamy coffee community making big hearted machine. Together, they are creating a new platform for our show – giving us the space to have the art up for several weeks, offering more exposure to our artists and a bigger stage for the kid’s voice.

Come on by tonight to see the action of hanging a group art show! Maureen Halligan, our lovely in-house curator will be making this group show make sense up on the wall.

A big thanks to all the 2010 artists:

Ray Sumser

Maureen Halligan

Rachel-Anne Palacios

Mallory Moser

Shannon Hottinger

Sha’anan Fader

Ashley Stewart

Colleen Gildea

Kelly Porter

Pete Bogdis

Kim Sikora

Githinji Wa Mbire

Zach Isen

Lauren Stower

Sam Carr-Prindel

Lisa Rock

Rae Gedelman

Danny King

Robin Weir

See you tonight! Map here! Any questions? Call Bridget at 415 305 8245.


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