Kelly Porter comes back to Inspired Art!

I consider my artwork to be a semi-representational and expressive way that I visually muse over the moral and philosophical dilemmas present and future technologies can manifest. Most of these works are made with watercolors/inks and pens on watercolor or masking paper and started at clubs/ galleries or museums live alongside musicians. These images are hardly ever pre-planned, I usually just go with whatever inspiration the environment, my imagination, and my hands drive me to create.

Frankenstein or Faust-like themes commonly come up in my work, as I like to explore the sense of doom, wonder, creation and corruption that our machinations seem to invoke. Both stories have a character hungering to twist the rules of the universe to suit their desires and end up losing control of the forces they unleash. As consumers of everyday convenience, many do not realize or believe in the monsters that we are creating, and becoming. One of my major goals (messages) as an artist is to awaken perspectives that foster thoughtful and respectful use of science and technology.

Watercolor, Ink and Pen on Wood; 1’x1′

This morning I was awoken by the sound of machines.
I awoke with fear because the noise was very loud.
I also saw many people I did not know.
They came to destroy our trees.
I got upset with my father because he gave them permission.
And my mother did not oppose his decision.
We no longer have shade I told him with anger and he told me it did not matter.
Through here is the entrance.
It was a very old tree.
It gave fruit in January, I was impatient before I ate the first ones.
For me it was something very sad.
It was my grandfather’s tree where he played as a boy, laughing with his twin.
After that I realized the world was in a crisis.
We do not have a forest and the ice is melting.
Certain animals are disappearing and I can’t do anything to keep them.
Nature speaks to us.
She governs our lives.
And she is telling us it is getting dangerous; to be prepared.
This is not a song; it is not a pretty poem.
It’s a very serious problem; an infinite conflict.
I wish I could stop this path to the destruction of the world.
I only need one minute.
One minute is enough to save any forest
A minute is enough to not see it die
I oppose living with inhumane people.
Where nothing matters to them, only their objective.
Passing over anyone who is alive.
We only have one world; the creator was a genius.
We only have one world to which we must be faithful.
We must remember that it isn’t ours; we are only part of it.
I do not want to be applauded this is only my version.
The problem that confronts us has a solution.
All I want is for you to hear me; the rest is your obligation

Lauren R, Mission Education Center, 10 years old

“Lauren R’s poem revealed her as a kindred soul to me, someone warning of our wanton destruction of nature to suit our own convenience. I made a few sketches that illustrated some of these themes and how i felt about her poem, and then created something of a sythesis between her poem and my own visual style.”


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