Big News! Remedy Coffee has bumped our show by two weeks – which means more time for art making. While this has required some instantaneous shuffling on the organizational front, I think the added time will be to our benefit. So, this change means:

Artist Reception/Hanging Tuesday June 15th 6-9 at Remedy Coffee (43rd and Telegraph Oakland). Bring your piece by that evening, or have it in the mail to me arriving by Saturday June 12th (Bridget Sumser, 5933 Marshall St. Oakland, CA 94608)

Opening Party to celebrate with performances by SCORES youth poet-athletes Thursday June 17th. Let your people know!

My need for  information still stands. The sooner it gets to me, the better. If you are an inspired artist or want to be, go here when you have a moment.


Another exciting opportunity has shown up this year. SCORES is hosting, with the city of San Francisco, a series of public showings of the World Cup Games (our youth play soccer as a third of their curriculum). Inspired Art gets to put up a moving exhibit as a part of these massive events. Let me know asap if oyu are interested in having your piece go to that show OR if you want to create a second piece.

I am available to talk about your piece, walk through the space with you, and as always hear your questions/concerns/feedback. Just give a call or drop a line.

PS Check Rachel-Anne’s piece for this year!

el huipil con la bandera mexicana: huipil with the mexican flag,acrylic, 3-D paint and mixed media on 18″x24″ canvas- painted by me (Rachel-Anne) and inspired by poet athlete gloria guzman age 10 for scores bay area 2010

The Mexican Flag

By Gloria Guzman, 5th grade; age 10

Waving at the poles tip top

Is a flag to make you stop

Running across left to right

Colors of red and white

In the corner clear to view

Stands the field of the darkest green

In that field, as the night stars stand out pure and bright

Taken together for all it’s right

It’s the Mexican flag standing tall.


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