Rachel-Anne Palacios brings the love 2 years in a row!

What is Inspired Art to you?

“inspired art is an innovative experience for youth that combines art and sports to enhance their social, literary and life skills. it is an honor to be a part of this program and give back to the a community i grew up in.”

How was your experience with the Inspired Art Project?

“the experience last year was so great! i am not traditionally a painter, but it seemed like my painting got a good response because it was so literally connected to the poem i chose. i was excited to know that this was happening again and that i would be a part of it!”

How do you feel about the project and the effect it may or may not have on our poet-athletes?

“the project is so great in terms of connecting artists with youth. it gives us an opportunity to be inspired by today’s youth and it gives them the vision and determination to continue to succeed with extra-curricular activities to enhance their little budding lives. it is such an honor to be looked at as an inspiration to today’s poet-athletes”

Palacios has made a name for herself in the Bay Area art world. A self-taught, multicultural artist her pieces reflect the respect she has for culture, religion, traditional values, elders, and the cycle of life and death. Palacios grew up amongst Oakland’s cultural diversity in a household headed by her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother, Nana Rose, was a mentor, teacher, coach, and friend.

“I hope to continue creating a positive focal point for our community by heightening respect for cultural awareness and our elders,” said Palacios. “By providing an alternative learning environment, I believe that we can learn about each other’s culture and reconnect with our own. While doing this we can re-establish family values, create unity and come together in harmony.”

Rachel-Anne is of Mexican, Peruvian and El Salvadorean descent. Being born in the U.S. has given her a serious motivation to reconnect with her ancestral roots through dance, art and food and learn about other cultures in the process.

See more of Rachel-Anne’s work here:  http://devikaspalacio.ning.com/


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