Shannon C. — writing poetry

Shannon has a great talent at writing "real-life" expereinces. - Coach Rae

Shannon hard at work, preparing her piece she recited in NYC. - Coach Rae

Shannon and Anna, combine efforts of photograpy and writing. They took a picture and wrote a combination poem for the photograph. Great stuff. - Coach Rae

Slavery by Shannon C

I have a dozen, or two, of friends.
They all are different colors.
Colors of black, brown, white, and others.
I would never judge on how they look.
Long before I was born, slavery was all over the world.
Slavery was bad.
Slaves were taken from their homes.
They were beaten for no cause.
They died from diseases and the lack of food and water.
They were shoved around treated badly; creating bruises and chances of dying.
I don’t know how it felt, but I’m positive my ancestors knew slavery was a huge deal.
Martin Luther King Jr. did allot to save us.
Maybe today we would be suffering with slavery, if it weren’t for him.
We should be proud of ourselves.

Also, we should be happy we aren’t apart of it.


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