Shaden’s Furry Friends

Shaden is hard at work writing Furry Friends. She is dedicated soccer star with an interest in writing - by Coach Rae

We all love our pets, it's pretty cool that Shaden has us guessing. 😉

Shaden, one of Stewart Elementary's all star soccer players. She has an amazingly strong kick! - by Coach Rae

Shaden and Esmeralda at Stewart E. share their photograph and recite their poem to their teammates. This poem was describing the variety of different shoes people wear and why. - Coach Rae

Title:  Furry Friends
by Shaden C – age: 11 grade: 6
(a Haiku)

Furry friends are nice
Furry friends are really cool
Furry friends are fun

I give them nicknames
They put on small shoes
They are all different colors

Rabits, cats, dogs, birds
Can you guess my furry pet?
I’m young and bark.


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