Inspired Art Show! June 2010 at Remedy Cafe in Oakland

Exciting news!

The 2010 Inspired Art Collection will show at Remedy Cafe in Oakland for the Month of June.

That means, we have just under a month for more artists to join in on the fun.

It’s easy! Choose a poem, let us know, and get to your craft. This year, we are asking that each piece incorporate the poem in some way above and beyond what it inspires you. We want to see the words (if it’s its one or tow) of SCORES youth in the pieces. And, we are hoping to see the integration of the world cup into the show through your work.

We want to celebrate all that poetry and soccer to do change the world- and specifically, how they inform the worlds of the children we work with. It is a great honor to go back to them and show them the art that their art forms, both written and sported, inspires.

We are so excited to work with you!

**All art will be auctioned online in conjunction with this event! And some will show here as well!


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