Githinji + Cecilia = Inspired Art’s first piece of 2010

Powerful, Beautiful and Daring

2010’s FIRST piece of Inspired Art!

Powerful as a tiger

Beautiful as a rose

Daring as can be

Powerful, Beautiful and Daring

With the Power I have

With the beauty in me

And as daring as can be

I can take over anything

I want to be me

The world nowadays is full of hate

and violence

You have the power

You are beautiful and daring

We can win

Not just the battle but the war

We will succeed in everything we try

We will never give up til the deed is done

The failure starts when you stop trying

So don’t give up

Just get right back up

-Cecilia A, Age 10

The Poet-Athlete!

Cecilia A., at age 10, really enjoys poetry. She is a 5th grader at Brookfield Elementary in Oakland. To her, poetry is an opportunity where she can vent her feelings and emotions all onto a piece of paper. Cecilia is very active in sports, such as playing soccer and basketball. In fact, her favorite memory was when she made her first goal in soccer. She also stays active in programs such as safety patrol.  Cecilia’s inspiration comes from her mother, where she receives confidence and support. This amazing young girl recognizes the value of family, community, and helping others.

Oakland's Cecilia A.

The Artist!

Githinji Wa Mbire is a Kenyan artist based in Oakland, California. “Nairobi and West Oakland remain the two joints that have played an important role on what kind of work and material I use. My work deals with Afrika in all of its definitions. Afrika is not only under-represented, it is covered with all known misconceptions. I feel that it is my responsibility to do work that brings out the humanity in this great place – Afrika. Afrika is made up of many huge and small contradictions, but the aesthetics don’t change.  From Joburg to Cairo, from Dakar to Maputo, I hope to show the magic of Afrika and what it offers the world. I like asking the viewers to think – what would not be here if Afrika was not around? I hope my gift touches on just a small scale of the beauty of Afrika.”


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