Inspired Art 2010!

Visions of Hope: Celebrating Our Humanity

The sport of soccer has a global unifying aspect that allows it to break down social barriers and sets it among other universal languages such as music and the visual arts.” – Spike Lee

As we ramp up for The 2010 World Cup, we are invited to reflect on soccer as a unifying agent of global connection and social change. As the world’s most popular sport, it is a powerful tool of transformation.

This speaks directly to the foundational principles of the work we are doing through the America SCORES curriculum. Our youth gather together to play the game, and through the soccer ball, move their bodies to greater states of health and well-being, connect to one another as teammates, friends and comrades. Through sportsmanship, our youth cross the lines of team, school, and neighborhood, building alliances region wide.

Soccer is the basis that allows them to access their voice and personal reflection in new ways.

Poetry is the vehicle that holds their visions and experiences of the world.

Service learning allows them to take their experience, perspective and hopefullness and do something with it.

Now, what will we do with  ALL that?

Artists are invited bridge soccer, health, and global community through the unifying lens of hope. Together, this platform offers an exciting and timely way to connect the facets of America SCORES Bay Area’s unique after-school programming while celebrating future possibilities for our children – inspired by their words.


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