How many ways can we say thank you?

There are very few words to adequately describe Saturday night. Incredible, beautiful, full, exciting, happy-making are a few. What must be said, over and over, are so many thank yous. The list of people that made the night come together is extensive. It includes poet-athletes, artists, family members, staff and board members, vendors and community folks that gave their resources of all kinds (time, energy, creativity, vision, art, reflections, poetry, voice etc etc).

Let the roll call of thank yous begin:

SCORES board members: thank you for jumping on this train with us and supporting a new direction for our annual event. This started with your “yes”!

SCORES Staff and coaches: you make this program happen! This celebration was a reflection of the work you do in and out. Thank you!

Conor Taniguchi: WE ARE … so grateful. Thank you video king.

Jon Denholtz: you showed up to conference calls! Voter of confidence and ultimate board support.

devorah major: for inspiring us. you brought the importance of youth voice and poetry current and raised so many questions. you invited us to have more imagination and heart. your words, infused with love, transpired over our crowd.

Maureen Halligan: there would have been no show without your incredible installation. you created the room, allowing so much to happen that

Ray Sumser: iconic artist, heavy lifter extraordinaire, down to do anything, visionary and hand holder. thank you.

Colleen Gildea: centerpiece-table setting- solution finding wonder woman. is there anything adequate to say?

Wilson Bethel (Murphy’s Law): it had to be you. A DJ like no other. Scene setter, vibe maker. after-dance party creater. dear friend. The Bay area needs you. i think LA is ready to give you to us. ‘nough

Robin Weir: You made our look! Graphic design goddess. You vision and creativity fed this project and event in ways we could have never

Adam Weiss: Photographer of the year. The event looks even more magical in your photos. How is that possible?


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