Kelly Porter represents Local 365 and Richard L.

"Their Dark Song Inside Me"

"Their Dark Song Inside Me"

Check out Kelly’s work at He is a part of Local 365:

Local 365 – an inter-arts collective facilitating creative collaborations between local artists & musicians, in celebration of the eclectic tastes of local audiences and the flourishing artistic culture of the San Francisco Bay Area!

Created to nurture community, collaboration, and cohesion within our local arts & music scene, Local 365 brings together some of SF’s finest artists and musicians to collaborate and inspire each others’ work while making our local SF creative culture more visible and accessible to local audiences!

Our many fabulous resident artists & musicians perform live together regularly around SF, composing pieces of art & music as inspired by those collaborations; to be shown and performed during the course of/at the end of the project year.

We welcome all to come out & support the local creative culture of which you are a part!!!

Local 365 has brought a number of artists to the project. We are so stoked to have them involved!


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