2009 Inspired Artists are off the hook!

A big thank you to our incredible artists. They promise to make our first annual Evening of inspired art a BEAUTIFUL, inspiring success.

Toshi Ableson
Sylvia Algire
Michael Bartalos
Evan Bissell
Grant Boerner
Peter Bogdis
Heather Bussing
Katherine Clark
Regina Clarkina
Jenee Crayne
Veronica Dejesus
Sha’anan Fader
Suzie Ferras
Tara Foley
James Gayles
Georgia Gibbs
Colleen Gildea
Sarah Gonsalves
Colin Schmidt/Jenny Griffin
Maureen Halligan
Nell Herbet
Shannon Hottinger
Regina Hurley
Zack Isen
Zoe Jaffee
Jeremy Weichsel
Eric King
Jeanna Lydon
Jason Maze
Rebecca Miller
Fran Moser
Mallory Moser
Kari Orvik
Jenny Overman
Rachel-Anne Palacios
Brian Pedder
Marina Perez-Wong
Kelly Porter
Jeremy Raymer
Danielle Satinover
Lauren Stower
Ray Sumser
Bridget Sumser
Jeremy Sutton
Sara Van Acker
Amy W
Githinji Wa Mbire
Alisha Wessler


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