The Sky is So Beautiful

The sky is so beautiful
it would make me want to cry
but that’s just me!
People are different,
like when I take a bath, I sing!
People ask me why
the sky is so blue
I tell them maybe
it’s people who are shining
and they are not blue.
I ask myself “Will I go to heaven
while the sky is so bright?”
It’s dark now
so I tell my mom, “Goodnight.”

Because it’s too dangerous in my neighborhood
to play outside
It’s not really dark now,
But still, I live in a dangerous neighborhood
I watch my friends play outside
I look up in the sky
And wonder if any butterfly’s circling around me
I see airplanes
And birds singing on wires
I wish I could go to the window and fly in the sky
And that’s my thing!

by Juan G.
San Francisco


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