When music and poetry collide

Check out what happens when the band Birdmonster spends a few days with the SCORES poets at Bret Harte Elementary School.  Two inspirational poems bloom into songs: The Tomato Blues and Family Dreams.

Last month Birdmonster teamed up with ASCAP and America SCORES for 3 songwriting workshops with the students of Bret Harte Elementary.  You can go to The Tripwire for a live recording of Tomato Blues, a song the band co-wrote with these budding artists.   The ASCAP Songwriter Residency program brings professional musicians (Saul Williams, Adonis) into the classroom to teach students the art of songwriting and the importance of copyright, as well as to co-write and record original songs with them.


One response to “When music and poetry collide

  1. If you want to see more songs from the America SCORES ASCAP partnership, go to this site: http://www.americascores.org/index.php?id=782

    The one from America SCORES Dallas is AWESOME.

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